Tourism minister to discuss green and digital transitions in Belgium

Tourism minister to discuss green and digital transitions in Belgium

Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis on Monday travelled

to La Hulpe, in Belgium, to attend the informal meeting of the EU Tourism Ministers, which is taking place under the framework of the Belgian presidency.

According to an announcement, the main theme of the session is the need for action by all EU member states which will facilitate an acceleration of both the green and digital transitions.

The announcement explained that that Belgian presidency has placed these issues high on its list of priorities, with a view of bolstering the resilience of the tourism ecosystem.

Moreover, the Belgian presidency explained that it “wishes to place particular emphasis on sustainable development and improving the attractiveness of Europe through the tourism ecosystem”.

In addition, within the context of the informal session, European tourism ministers “will be invited to express their views on the content and progress of the implementation of the twofold transition”, adding that this “is the main tool for charting the trajectory of tourism in the EU”.

What is more, during the session, ministers will have the opportunity to exchange views on the tourism perspective at the European level, as well as discuss the expectations of each member state with reference to the Declaration of Palma de Mallorca, which was signed during the Spanish presidency.

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