Transforming marketing with AI — ‘Be seen, be bold’

Transforming marketing with AI — ‘Be seen, be bold’

The Cyprus Mail’s SOUZANA PSARA recently attended Cyprus-based marketing agency CAPSBOLD’s presentation at Reflect Festival, where she chatted with PR Director Olga Loktionova about the future of marketing and the transformative power of AI.

In today’s bustling digital landscape, capturing and retaining the audience’s attention has become an intricate art form.

“Today we live in the era of the economy of attention. You see thousands of ads every day, making it impossible to focus and pay attention,” Loktionova aptly observed.

At the Reflect Festival, where CAPSBOLD served as the creative marketing partner, Loktionova shared insights into how the agency navigated this complex terrain.

“It was an exciting journey preparing for the event with the Reflect team. We are real doers and love what we do. As we say in CAPSBOLD, be SEEN, be BOLD,” she said.

Loktionova explained that on average, individuals are exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 ads daily. The human brain, overwhelmed by such a barrage, often ignores or forgets most of these ads within seconds.

This phenomenon underscores the importance of the attention economy, where success hinges on one’s ability to capture and sustain attention.

AI emerges as a game-changer in this context. According to Forbes, “Top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to be using AI for marketing.”

The digital advertising industry, bolstered by AI, is projected to generate €175 billion annually by 2032, as per Bloomberg Intelligence. CAPSBOLD’s innovative use of AI is a testament to this trend.

“When we launched CAPSBOLD in Cyprus, we used many contemporary marketing tools. One that stands out is CGI videos or 3D reels, which capture attention and evoke emotions,” Loktionova explained.

The concept of hyper-personalisation is at the forefront of AI-driven marketing. Brands like Airbnb and Porsche have successfully employed AI to tailor their messages to individual preferences, significantly boosting engagement. Airbnb, for instance, uses AI to send personalised emails, encouraging customers to complete bookings or profiles. This strategy has markedly increased user interaction and conversions.

In a similar vein, Porsche has captivated millions on Instagram and TikTok through AI-driven content and virtual influencers. This not only enhances brand visibility but also forges a deeper connection with the audience. In China alone, the industry’s sales volume is expected to triple from €860 million in 2021 to €2.8 billion in 2023, showcasing the tremendous potential of AI in marketing.

AI also provides invaluable data-driven insights. Nike, for example, uses AI to analyse customer data, creating personalised marketing campaigns that have led to a 23 per cent increase in click-through rates and a 15 per cent increase in conversion rates.

Tools like and are revolutionising content creation and optimisation. offers real-time insights into YouTube ad performance, while predicts the attention-grabbing potential of creative assets, allowing marketers to make data-informed adjustments.

Furthermore, AI’s role in automation cannot be overstated. Loktionova encourages embracing AI, stating, “We shouldn’t be afraid of AI coming into our lives because we are humans, we have our heart and brain, it’s our power”.

“We just need to be on the wave of AI trends, follow them, and try them in our business,” she added.

This sentiment reflects a broader industry movement towards integrating AI into everyday marketing practices.

The future promises even more opportunities with AI. New professions such as AI Trainers, AI Writers, and AI Content Creators are emerging, responding to the growing demand for AI expertise.

Consultancy giant Accenture, for instance, has announced a €2.7 billion investment in AI, doubling its talent pool from 40,000 to 80,000 to meet this rising demand.

CAPSBOLD exemplifies this innovative spirit. As a global creative marketing agency, they pride themselves on challenging conventional norms and crafting new eras in brand storytelling.

With over 400 specialists across more than ten time zones, CAPSBOLD offers a wide array of services, including market analysis, competitor research, audience insights, and effective Go-to-Market strategies.

Their impressive portfolio includes high-profile clients like Reflect Festival and BEONIX, showcasing their capability to deliver impactful marketing campaigns and the unique “CAPSBOLD effect” that grabs audience attention and loyalty.

Leveraging AI and modern tools in marketing is essential in today’s attention economy. CAPSBOLD’s innovative approach, as highlighted by Loktionova, exemplifies how businesses can capture and sustain audience attention through AI.

By staying ahead of AI trends and integrating these tools into their strategies, businesses can not only attract but also maintain their audience’s attention, driving growth and fostering innovation in an increasingly competitive market.

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