UK Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan strengthens ties with Cambodia on trade, education during historic visit

UK Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan strengthens ties with Cambodia on trade, education during historic visit

UK Minister for Indo-Pacific Anne-Marie Trevelyan embarked on a significant visit to Cambodia from March 2-4, marking a pivotal moment in strengthening bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Cambodia. Aimed at enhancing cooperation in trade, economic development, and education, Trevelyan’s trip underscores the UK’s commitment to supporting Cambodia’s sustainable development and growth.

During her visit, Trevelyan met with Cambodia’s Minister of Economy and Finance AunPornmoniroth to discuss the UK’s support for sustainable development, focusing on green infrastructure.

This meeting is part of a broader effort to bolster trade and investment between the two nations, which have seen a continuous development driven by various initiatives, including a trade scheme for developing countries with annual bilateral trade exceeding £1 billion (over $1.2 billion). Cambodia has also been identified as a priority country for the UK’s Investment Partnership programme, encouraging private sector investment in high-quality sustainable infrastructure projects.

Trevelyan’s visit also highlighted the importance of education and cultural exchange in the UK-Cambodia relationship. She visited the new sister campus of the UK’s Leicester-based De Montfort University, the first UK university to establish a branch in Cambodia.

This visit not only promotes access to education for Cambodians, particularly women and girls, but also signifies the long-term priorities in UK-Cambodia relations. The UK has committed £30 million ($37 million) in 2023 to increase access to education for women and girls across Southeast Asia, supporting approximately 100,000 women and girls through scholarships, additional classes, and teacher training.

In addition to education and economic development, Trevelyan’s visit addressed issues of good governance, transparency, and the empowerment of women in Cambodia. She met with several civil society organisations to hear about their work in these areas. The visit also included a stop at the National Museum of Cambodia, where Trevelyan admired artefacts recently returned from the UK, demonstrating the UK’s respect for Cambodia’s rich history.

The visit by UK Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan to Cambodia represents a significant step forward in strengthening the bilateral relationship between the two countries. By focusing on sustainable development, education, and support for good governance and civil society, the UK is committed to supporting Cambodia’s journey towards economic growth and development. This visit not only reinforces the growing ties between the UK and Cambodia but also sets the stage for future cooperation in various sectors.BNN Breaking khmertimeskh

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