Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia seek to boost tri-country tourism

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia seek to boost tri-country tourism

The leaders of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – three former French colonies in the Indochina region – are making a big push to encourage

more international tourists to visit their three countries in a single trip.

In what they are billing as a seamless and unique travel experience, the premiers raised this initiative – dubbed “One journey, three destinations” – several times last year when they met on the sidelines of the Asean Summit in Jakarta and at the Asean-Japan commemorative summit in Tokyo.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet said the country would take it further by hosting a conference involving the tourism ministers of the three countries to develop the joint effort.

Many travel agencies have already been conducting these so-called “tri-country” tours for some time. They say the three countries, which share borders, have complementary strengths to provide a diverse experience for travelers, given that they offer a blend of historical, cultural and natural heritages.

Landlocked Laos is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and vibrant cultural heritage. Cambodia has ancient temples and spiritual richness, and Vietnam offers a mix of bustling cities and natural wonders set against serene countryside and the country’s long coastline.

Industry players said that the issue of visa requirements remain one of the hurdles to overcome in order for this tri-country tourism push to succeed. The Business Times Cr. Khmertimeskh

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