What sets Cambodia apart in Southeast Asia as destination

What sets Cambodia apart in Southeast Asia as destination

Cambodia’s heritage is unrivaled and its people are considered to be among the friendliest in the world. The combination of nature, culture and people is a huge asset for Cambodia. Given it is a small country, people can really explore the country thoroughly in just two weeks’ time, without spending too much. They can dig deeper into culture and nature because visitors are able to connect easier with the local people and destinations.

“Unlike some neighbouring countries which have been well introduced to the global tourism maps pre and post-Covid times, Cambodia stands as one of the hidden gems of Southeast Asia and Indochina,” said Danat Thanoosilp, Director of Sales & Marketing, Six Senses Krabey Island to Khmer Times on Monday. Despite the fact that the world-renowned Angkor Wat attracts a large number of tourists from around the world to the Kingdom, other parts of the country are seldom discovered or exploited to their full potential.

When asked about what ails the industry, pat came the reply from Daniel de Gruiter, Managing Director, Lolei Travel Asia. “Flights,” he said. “Number one issue at this moment is Cambodia’s accessibility. It is easy to get around Cambodia, quick and cheap, but it is a hassle to arrive in Cambodia. Flying into Cambodia takes a long, is expensive and connections are inconvenient. The new airport SAI has to connect better and do a better job of connecting with international markets. And not only China, but with Europe and Americas as well.

Cambodia should focus on its aquatics, things that are water-related because Siem Reap is a hydraulic city, felt Alexis de Suremain, Maads brand Founder. Mekong is the most famous thing that Cambodia has after Angkor Wat, he added.

“How the tourism sector develops in the next decade is hard to tell,” said Allan Michaud, Lodge Manager, Cardamom Tented Camp. “With global warming, things do have to change, we cannot simply return to the ways of pre-Covid. We are all in this together, so everyone needs to do their best to become more sustainable, reducing waste, sourcing eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, etc. Every little bit helps,” he added.

Cambodia should promote even more eco-tourism that is already going on, said Katrine Solhaug, owner of Babel Guesthouse and Babel Boutique Hotel, Siem Reap Cambodia.

“I believe Cambodia has an opportunity to brand and promote itself in a more nuanced and genuine way than its neighbours, which involves internalizing and practising sustainability,” said Catherine Germier-Hamel, Founder & CEO of Millennium Destinations.

Phare, The Cambodian Circus is a leading force in sustainable tourism, said Craig Dodge, Marketing Manager, Phare Circus. “We champion a three-pronged approach encompassing social, economic, and environmental sustainability,” he added.

There is a great opportunity for Cambodia to be recognized as an individual destination without being dependent on the neighbouring countries. khmertimeskh

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